Intern - Mechanical Engineering

Location: Lewiston, NY, US

This select 12-week paid Internship program begins June 2019 and ends August 2019.


Primary Projects:

1. Investigate and catalog a database of all chain hoists at the Robert Moses facility. This will facilitate a new program for annual inspections by NYPA craft personnel.
2. Robert Moses compressor room replacement cooling water piping. Create isometric of new piping and order materials, supervise craft for installation.
3. AC & DC oil pump guarding project. Investigate and procure, or design, removable guarding for the oil pump shafts that is sfe and easily removable. Create the work orders, purchase the parts, and supervise the installation with NYPA craft personnel.
4. Update the HVAC equipment database. This includes updating the nameplate information, power source location, filter specifications, etc. This will help the NYPA mechanical maintenance engineering staff
5. HVAC for the communications room in S&R building. Design, install, and implement an AC unit to supply cooling to a room with computer and network systems to maintain optimal temperatures to ensure reliability of the equipment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities the intern will walk away with after this internship

Skills: The participant will gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanical equipment in hydro-power generation, as well as experience with mechanical maintenance activities, troubleshooting, engineering, job planning, and coordination.


Knowledge: The participant will gain a hands-on, working knowledge of mechanical maintenance engineering at one of the largest hydro-power generating facilities in the United States. 


Abilities: The participant will be able to identify and understand mechanical equipment at the RM and LPGP hydro-power generating facilities, including type, configuration, and function.

Education, Experience and Certifications

Technical: Must poses a high mechanical aptitude and should have some sort of prior experience with mechanical equipment (vehicles, engines, transmissions, heavy mobile equipment, etc). Should have an interest in related fields like structural, electrical, instrumentation, etc.


Behavioral: Should be self motivated and able to understand engineering drawings, specifications, and standards. The participant should be comfortable working around rotating machinery and high-voltage generating equipment, as well as within the concrete dams and underground tunnels. Should be able to climb ladders and be comfortable with moderate heights.


Education: Currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science degree program in either Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology.

3rd or 4th year students only.


The New York Power Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer                       

Nearest Major Market: Buffalo