Assistant System Operator

Location: Marcy, NY, US


The control room staff at the Energy Control Center monitors and controls NYPA’s transmission and generation assets.  These individuals perform the role of Transmission Owner as defined in the “Agreement between NYISO and Transmission Owners” as well as the role of Generator Operator as defined by NERC.  They coordinate the operation of NYPA’s transmission and generation assets with the NYISO and other Transmission Owners while respecting all reliability rules to maintain the integrity and reliability of the interconnected power system. 

  • Monitor and ensure all NYPA generation is on schedule according to posted bids and NYISO basepoints.
  • Coordinate Out of Merits, project de-rates, limitations, and testing of NYPA generation with NYISO and  applicable transmission Owners.
  • Monitor the NYISO MIS every 15 min to coordinate All NYPA Generation starts and stops.
  • Water management:
    • Niagara River: manages water flow as to not violate the Niagara River Treaty; manages the GIP within regulatory limits; manages the Lewiston reservoir in conjunction with ERM bidding; discusses plans and evaluates water transfers with ERM and NRCC; during ice procedures takes necessary actions to maintain proper water dispatch.
    • B-G Reservoir to assure ICAP requirements are met.
  • Ensure metering accuracy from after-the-fact meters which are collected at the ECC and sent to the NYISO, TO, NRCC, etc.
  • Adhere to:
    • NYPA’s Operating Procedures, Instructions, Bulletins and Agreements
    • NYISO Agreements and processes as outlines in their Operating Manuals,
    • Applicable NERC Reliability Standards
  • Review daily outage reports related to transmission outages and assists with documentation of in-day outages using PTR+
  • Check generator DAM bids against scheduled outages and testing.
  • Log system events
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Basic knowledge of power system generation and transmission concepts
  • Ability to successfully complete NYISO System Operator Training
  • Good written & oral communication skills.
  • Ability to use 3-Part communication.
  • Working knowledge of Office programs for PC (Word/Excel etc.)
  • Ability to learn/use Energy Management System
  • Ability to learn higher-level control room tasks
Education, Experience and Certifications
  • AAS degree in Electrical Technology or equivalent science/technology field.
  • BS Degree in Electrical Engineering or the equivalent science/technology field, preferred.


Preferred Experience:

  • Control Room Experience working as an Operator
  • Utility/Power plant experience working in operation/maintenance, high voltage electrician, instrument controls technician, etc.
  • Military technical or nuclear training.
  • Experience with rotating Shift work.
Physical Requirements
  • Ability to sit for long periods of time (up to 12 hours) in front of computer monitors while maintaining situational awareness; communicating effectively while speaking English (per NERC requirement); see, hear and react to alarms;
  • Approximately 10% travel primarily within NY State.   


The New York Power Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer                       

Nearest Major Market: Utica