Manager Real Time Trading

Location: White Plains, NY, US


The Manager Real Time Trading oversees the real time trading activities of approximately 6,400 MWs of energy, and manages the Real Time Traders as they respond to changes in market conditions, volatility, and plant availability.  The Manager, Energy Trading oversees real time bidding activities of 20 power plants; Niagara, St. Lawrence, Blenheim Gilboa, Astoria 500 MW CCU, Astoria Energy 2, Harlem River 1 & 2, Hellgate 1 &2, Vernon 1 & 2, Gowanus 5 & 6, Kent, Pouch, Brentwood, Ashokan, Crescent, Vischer Ferry, and Jarvis which account for approximately 20% of New York State’s energy needs. The Manager, Energy Trading provides oversight of six Real Time Energy Traders and an Analyst, and provides leadership and management review of the Energy Trading staff in performing daily functions.

  • Manage the day-to-day real time trading activities of approximately 6,400 MWs of energy; provide overall guidance and direction to the Real-Time Traders as they respond to changes in market conditions, volatility, and plant availability.
  • Review daily bid curves and provides guidance to managing the daily activities as it relates to bidding NYPA’s generation assets. 
  • Provide assessment and modifications to real time bid curves and delegates intended actions to the Real-time Trading group as it relates to revenue optimization.
  • Analyze the bid impacts made to the market for issues related to NYPA’s reference price levels, bidding changes, and impacts NYPA’s facilities may have on the marketplace and answer the inquiries from the NYISO MMU.
  • In conjunction with the Fuels Group, review gas/fuel purchases and assists in the development of optimal fuel and energy strategies.
  • Analyze NYISO real time price movements and report to the Director of GRM and interact with the Power Portfolio Managers on daily basis to assess current energy market position.
  • Provide guidance to the Real Time Traders by ensuring clear communication between staff, and ensuring that the development of   NYPA’s day-ahead strategies are in alignment with the day ahead and real time markets.
  • Provide input to the Power Portfolio Manager as real market conditions change and suggests revising strategies in the forward markets.
  • Interface with, and provide guidance to, the Energy Control Center and individual generating project staff, to ensure proper operating characteristics are presented to the market place.
  • Develop training plans and document lessons learned with Real Time traders.
  • Oversee the scheduling of employee coverage for the real time desk, maintain and update the schedule as the year progresses and generate the annual schedule.
  • Verify that protocols are followed so that there is clear communication of transfer information/data between traders during shift turnover.
  • Collaborate with other NYPA departments in regards to cross functional tasks; policy & procedure development, financial measures, internal audit requirements, and operational data.
  • Interact with external organizations, such as the NYISO, regarding topics that can have an impact on both the operational and financial management of the NYPA generation assets.
  • Annually review and if necessary, modify, the GRM Operating Procedures to reflect current practices and changing market conditions.
  • Coordinate the organization and maintenance of GRM documents and reports in a manner consistent with the protocols being established by NYPA’s records management.
  • Coordinate with the Technical Compliance department to establish status of current NYPA compliance obligations, as they relate to NERC requirements.
  • Keep current as to developments related to the energy market place, such as pronouncements by the NYISO, NERC, and others; keep up-to-date on evolving policies, technical requirements and market regulations and share information with the staff.
  • Work with Power Generation, Energy Control Center (ECC) and Marketing to establish cross functional collaboration to provide resolutions to NYISO and customer inquiries.
  • Manage employees including performance management, salary administration, succession planning and workload balancing and performance goals.  Identify and recommend solutions to modify staff to meet NYPA needs
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Thorough understanding of the NYISO tariff and market operation rules and regulations for energy trading, market design, system operations, generating facility operations and risk management principles.
  • Strong familiarity with NYPA Generating Plant characteristics and capabilities in order to effectively develop and implement bidding strategies. 
  • Strong understanding of the different products a Run of the River Hydro, Pump Storage, Combined Cycle, and Combustion Turbine can offer to the NYISO market.
  • Strong knowledge of NYPA’s DAM/HAM bidding procedures. 
  • Experience with trading software platforms, such as ABB’s n-market, and the ability to operate/maintain GRM bidding system/database.
  • Strong familiarity with the Wholesale Electricity Market and the ability to stay abreast of issues as they impact NYPA’s GRM bidding activities. 
  • Strong understanding of how NYPA interacts with outside organizations, e.g., other utilities, regulatory agencies, International Control Boards and the ISO. 
  • Strong awareness of NYPA Wholesale bidding policies and procedures and the ability to interact with other organizational functions accordingly.
  • Knowledge of NYPA's policies and practices as they relate to the energy trading functions.
  • Understand, communicate, execute tasks (e.g. provide input, review, coordinate, etc.), and/or implement specific elements of NYPA’s NERC Reliability Standards Compliance program as defined in Business Unit Policies and Procedures established to support Corporate Policies.
  • Ability to ensure that departmental, general industry and NYPA’s trading procedures and guidelines are adhered to.
  • Strong understanding of the NYISO Installed Capacity Auction Market Policies and Procedures. 
  • Strong understanding of overall NYPA activities relating to meeting its Installed Capacity Requirements and the ability to coordinate activities with staff in the Marketing and ECC functions accordingly.
  • Keen knowledge of the natural gas and Oil industry; specifically the purchasing, selling and delivery process.
  • Thorough understanding of oil and natural gas management strategies.
  • Strong managerial, communication and interpersonal relationship skills with the ability to work with various functional groups.
  • Ability to assess staff performance and have a strong understanding of the activities of the Hour-Ahead Trading function and the relationships with the Day-Ahead Trading functions.
  • Advanced analytical and reasoning skills, ability in accumulating and interpreting large amounts of data and information to support and develop bidding strategy
  • Ability to analyze and provide solutions to problems in the generation bidding function in conjunction with higher-level management. 
  • Innate ability to prioritize assignments and meet daily time deadlines.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office; Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
Education, Experience and Certifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, Economics or a related discipline.
  • Graduate degree is preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years of ISO and or electric utility experience.
  • Minimum of 8 years of NYPA or external energy trading experience preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years of supervisory / management experience required; 5 years of experience preferred.
Physical Requirements

Ability to travel to the various sites at least once a month.


The New York Power Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer                       

Nearest Major Market: White Plains
Nearest Secondary Market: New York City