System Planning Engineer II

Location: White Plains, NY, US


The Systems Planning Engineer completes engineering tasks and identifies abnormal variances in the results to ensure the reliable and secure development of NYPA’s future bulk power transmission systems.  Assists in both the assessment and integration of new generation sources (both Merchant as well as NYPA’s own) and new bulk power equipment proposals on the NYPA transmission system, reviews technical reports and solves system planning problems.


The System Planning Engineer is accountable to the New York Power Authority (NYPA) for the successful execution of his/her responsibilities in furtherance of NYPA’s North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards Compliance program as set forth in Corporate Policies CP 10-4 and CP 2-9. 


The System Planning Engineer is responsible for performing specific tasks identified in Business Unit Policies and Procedures that support Corporate Policies CP 10-4 and CP 2-9 and compliance with NERC Reliability Standards.  The System Planning Engineer is identified in NYPA’s NERC Reliability Standards Compliance

Responsibility Matrix established and managed pursuant to Power Supply Business Unit procedure PS-TC-01-005-R00 Compliance Responsibility (or its subsequent revisions).


  • Understand the operational characteristics of the NYISO Bulk Power Electric system and provide training to lower level staff members.
  • Excellent understanding   of the Load Flow, Voltage, and Dynamics analysis portions of the Power Technologies, Inc. (PTI) Power System Simulator/Electric (PSS/e) program. 
  • Independently perform system stability analyses  using the PTI PSS/e dynamics program, and accurately assess the results.
  • Independently conduct analyses of system conditions, system disturbances and system operations in order to assess system performance.
  • Independently conduct analyses to assess the electric system improvement programs of NYPA’s customers.
  • Independently review technical reports and NYISO planning studies.
  • Represent the Authority on Regional and State Transmission Planning working groups and  task forces to ensure NYPA interests are represented and promoted. Perform, review and coordinate inter-utility analyses.
  • Provide Technical support to NYPA's customers including Coops and Municipalities.
  • Perform generator interconnection studies under the supervision ofsenior Transmission Planning staff.
  • Conduct System Impact Studies (SIS) to conform with NYISO rules for the connection of major projects to the NYCA bulk power transmission system under the supervision ofsenior Transmission Planning staff.
  • Prepare detailed technical reports documenting study work conducted, problems and recommendations for internal management as well as for external entities.
  •  Recognize NYISO/NPCC/NERC compliance requirements and address compliance issues as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of NYPA Transmission Business Unit, NYISO, NYSRC, NPCC, and NERC planning and operation practices and reliability requirements.
  • Significant knowledge of PTI/PSS/e Load Flow and Voltage programs.
  • Significant knowledge of PTI/PSS/e Stability program.
  • Significant knowledge of bulk power electric system planning and operation practices, as well as transmission system equipment.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to write clear, concise technical reports and papers.
  • Ability to provide detailed presentations on technical topics.
  • Ability to assess Transmission Planning technical problems and provide timely and accurate solutions and recommendations.
  • Capable of recognizing abnormal data variances in evaluation of technical reports and propose/suggest additional actions for correction.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize work consisting of several projects in order to meet completion schedules.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in changing project requirements, priorities and assignments.

Education, Experience and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering required; Masters of Science in Engineering desirable.
  • Ability to pass EIT and work towards PE license.
  • Minimum four (4) years in Planning or an associated field in utility industry.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time, use a keyboard and enter data, view monitors for prolonged periods of time;
  • Ability to travel by auto, train, airplane to other destinations to attend meetings.


Military Occupational Speciality Codes
MOS - Army: 12A, 12B, 12P, 18C, 24A, 24Z, 51S 
MOS - Marines: 1120, 1302, 1310, 8824, 8831, 8832, 9622, 9624, 9630, 9631, 9632, 9636  
MOS - NavyEA, MME, UT, 2166, 2167, 2170, 2180, 2181, 2740, 4210, 4270, 4280, 5761, 5904, 5913, 5917, 5925, 5927, 5960, 5961, 5970, 5980, 7273  


The New York Power Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer   

Nearest Major Market: White Plains
Nearest Secondary Market: New York City